Steps Of Longjing Tea Glass Soaking Method

Update:17 Dec 2021

  Longjing tea has a fresh and full-bodied aroma and has a refreshing taste after drinking. The tea soup presents a light yellow-green-gold color. But if you want to enjoy your Longjing tea, you usually choose a glass. If you can, you can use a lidded bowl to make tea. How to make a Longjing glass?

  Preparations: Clean glass cups, and if you are particular, you can also prepare filters and tea ceremony sets (teaspoons, tea needles, teaspoons, tea tweezers, tea funnels, and tea containers).

  Step 1. Take the tea: generally take about 2 grams of Longjing tea and put it in the tea rack.

  Step 2: Preheat the glass: Pour boiling water into the glass to preheat it, which can be cleaned and disinfected. You can clean it like other tea sets.

  Step three, brewing: first add about 1/3 of the water, then add the prepared tea, then gently shake the glass, and then pour boiling water, about 70% of the cup is fine. It should be noted that: Longjing tea is a tender leaf, so it is recommended to put the tea in 1/3 of the water to moisten the tea first, and then add water.

  Step 4. Brewing time: You can drink it after about 2-3 minutes. You can pour it out and leave the tea leaves in a teacup. Generally, Longjing tea can be brewed 2-3 times in this way, but the aroma and taste will become weaker each time.


  1. Longjing tea is made from tender tea leaves, boiling water is not suitable for brewing. The appropriate temperature is 80°C-85°C (176°F to 185°F). You can let the boiling water cool for a few minutes before pouring it into the cup.

  2. If you like the strong taste, you can add more tea or brew the tea for more than 3 minutes.

  3. Before pouring water into the cup about 70%, please leave about 1/3 of the tea soup in the glass. Longjing tea generally does not need to wash tea, and the first tea tastes better.